Product Introduction

■ ANSI C78.24 MR16 LED Lamp

■ 15°, 25°, 40°, 60° beam angle

■ Black, silver housing finish, GU5.3 base

■ Suitable for dry or damp location

■ Suitable for use in totally enclosed luminaires

■ 3in1 Lens 4W MR16, for replacement of 25W halogen lamp

■ 3in1 Lens 5W MR16, for replacement of 35W halogen lamp

■ 6in1 Lens 7W MR16, for replacement of 50W halogen lamp

■ High quality light with a colour rendering index of 90

■ Passed FCC,UL(File Number E325097)

Product Feature

■ 12V AC/DC input voltage

■ Product specification: FCC PART 15 Subpart B,UL1993 and UL8750

■ Available in two different colour temperatures ¹:

▷ 2700K – warm white

▷ 3000K – warm white

■ High colour consistency (standard deviation colour matching <5)

■ UV,NIR radiation free and Mercury free

■ This device is not intended for use with emergency exits

■ 3 years Light Emission Technology Guarantee and Lifetime technical support


TypeInput VoltageInput CurrentPowerLuminous fluxCRICCTBeam angle
E9547F-M16-4-82712Vac/dc600mA Max4W265Lm≥802725±145K15°/25°/40°/60°
E9547F-M16-4-83012Vac/dc600mA Max4W280Lm≥803045±175K15°/25°/40°/60°
E9546F-M16-5-82712Vac/dc800mA Max5W365Lm≥802725±145K15°/25°/40°/60°
E9546F-M16-5-83012Vac/dc800mA Max5W385Lm≥803045±175K15°/25°/40°/60°
E9545F-M16-7-82712Vac/dc1000mA Max7W610Lm≥802725±145K15°/25°/40°/60°
E9545F-M16-7-83012Vac/dc1000mA Max7W630Lm≥803045±175K15°/25°/40°/60°

E9545 MR16

E9545 MR16



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