E933 Waterproof PAR38


Product Introduction

■ Designed as a direct retrofit to most PAR38 lighting fixtures

■ 17W LED lamp, for replacement of 90W halogen lamp

■ Wide input voltage

■ High power factor, High energy efficiency

■ High quality light with a colour rendering index of 80

■ The product could be used in wet Location

■ Suitable for use in totally enclosed luminaires

■ Passed CE,FCC,UL(File Number E325097)

Product Feature

■ 17W LED lamp as high-quality

■ E26, E27,GU24 base

■ White, black housing with Iron-grey ring

■ 25°,40° beam angle

■ AC100~277V/50~60HZ input voltage

■ Available in four different colour temperatures:

▷  2700K – warm white

▷  3000K – warm white

▷  3500K –warm white

▷  6000K – cool white

▷  Other Colours ¹

■ High colour consistency (standard deviation colour matching <5)

■ Shock-proof and vibration-proof

■ 40,000 hours lifetime

■ UV, NIR radiation free and Mercury free

■ 3 years Light Emission Technology Guarantee and Lifetime technical support


Base TypeLengthDiameterWeight⁵Input VoltageNominal CurrentPowerPower Factor
E26/E27133.5mm120mm685gAC100~277V200mA max17W>0.9
GU24117.5mm120mm680gAC100~277V200mA max17W>0.9

Type referenceLuminous fluxCRICCTstandard deviation colour matchingBeam angleBase
E933J-17-827800Lm802725+145K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-830840Lm803045+175K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-835850Lm803465+245K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-7601000Lm756000+400K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-827-H1000Lm802725+145K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-830-H1100Lm803045+175K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-835-H1150Lm803465+245K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24
E933J-17-760-H1300Lm756000+400K<525°/ 40°E26/E27/GU24

*The product maintains a tolerance of +10% on flux , +5% on CCT measurements and +2 on CRI measurements.



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